How to Find A Good Roofing Contractor
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How to Find A Good Roofing Contractor

As a part of working on building designs and engineering projects, we often develop new roofing solutions for homeowners or companies that need to repair their existing roofs. Your roof is a very important part of your home, and if it’s been a while since you had it evaluated or repaired, you should consider hiring a professional to ensure that everything is in good condition and make any necessary repairs. You may even want to completely replace your roof if you want to switch to different materials or remodel your whole home. Good roofing contractors are tricky to find, particularly in low-density area such as West Virginia, but you can scope them out with a little ingenuity and creativity. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect contractor quickly.

Look for a company with a solid reputation in your area.

When making repairs to your roof, it is important to work with a company who will be able to continually help you over the next few years. This is very important, because if you encounter a problem with your roof and you aren’t able to contact the original contractor, it will end up being more difficult and expensive to fix. When evaluating potential roofing companies, look for people that have been in the area for many years and have received positive reviews from other customers in your area.

Make sure the contractor has the proper licensing and insurance.

It is absolutely vital that your roofing contractor is certified and that they provide liability insurance and worker’s compensation to their employees. This not only is a good indication that the contractor follows ethical practices and is committed to safety, but it also means that you will not be liable for any accidents that happen on your property. You should make sure you actually view the certifications, and check with insurance companies to ensure that everything is valid. You’ll also need to learn how to spot scammers – avoid anyone who approaches you saying you need work done on your roof. These contractors are usually illegitimate and will not be able to provide the results you’re looking for.

Evaluate the company’s previous projects.

A good contractor will likely have a portfolio of some of the roofs they’ve worked on previously that you can view, either on their website or at their office. Look for roofing shingles that look similar to what you want, and then ask the contractor about their experience in more detail. Ideally, your contractor should have experience with roofs that use the same materials as yours and are the same size and structure. Obviously, it may be difficult to find a contractor who has competed a project exactly like yours in the past, but if they haven’t done anything similar, then it’s likely a sign you should look elsewhere.

Make sure you’re informed and feel comfortable with everything.

If your gut is telling you that something doesn’t feel right with a potential contractor, then you should listen to that feeling. A good contractor will be very up front with you and make sure you understand exactly what is going to be done to your roof. They will be very clear and prompt in their communication by answering all of your questions in detail and answering calls or emails in a timely manner. They will also put your job specifications in a written contract, which will hold them accountable to your requests. Don’t hesitate to take your time when talking to potential contractors until you find one that you feel totally comfortable with.